Why do so many people just take prescribed drugs, without asking good questions?

I was given a prescription by my doctor a few years ago, because my colesterol was very high so she thought…I sent the meds back and called and ask why did they automatically send a statin drug that would affect my liver and do harm to my kidneys and only God knows what else…

It made me aware of the fact that we are in a difficult circle of many infuences that are creating all of the aches and pains and pre-mature deaths, because we, the general public, are not asking questions.

Well, when I ask my doctor about an alternative, she told me….And I chose that, instead. I only add one other thing and that other think has made a significant difference to my overall health…Redox Signaling Molecules

Let me know what you are doing about your aches and pains and all that stuff. Today is all we have, this one moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow…just this moment…breathe and enjoy..Go native, naturally.


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